Richard asks:

I was wondering whether you know of a decent (and cheap!) local carpenter who makes and fits bookshelves??? My existing shelves are overflowing and am desperately in need of some more!

The Phantom replies:

To be honest, the words “good” and “cheap” don’t seem to go with carpenters very often in my experience. There are two carpenters who advertise in The Westcombe News and I have heard good reports of both of them, though none of those reports have mentioned anything about either of them being “cheap.” Tom Ellis, especially, has had some rave reviews coming to my ears. I don’t have his number to hand but a copy of the Westcombe News should suffice. If you don’t get it you can usually find it in East Greenwich Library.

But if you’re really looking for cheap, the classic IKEA Billy bookcases now come in a love-it-or-hate-it black and silver foil veneer, I noticed, when a catalogue plopped on my door mat last week (a first – I’ve never had an IKEA catalogue through the door before. Can’t quite work out what that says about the area…)

Any more recommendations for carpenters?

One Comment to “Carpenters”

  1. Tom Ellis says:


    I briefly stopped offering my carpentry service during 2011 to devote time to settling into family life with our new baby, Sylvester. Having benefited from a break and seen Sylvester crawling merrily into 2012 I am now back working in Greenwich and offering a complete carpentry and bespoke furniture service including traditional and sprayed paint finishes. If you have any enquiries regarding carpenters working in the area I would be delighted if you could give them my phone number (07540 579027) or alternatively direct them to my advert in the Westcombe News (as of March I will have a full picture ad running and for now my details are listed in Market Place section)

    Best wishes