Thames Gateway Bridge

Oh Bloody hell. Is there ever going to be an end to this one way or the other?

Knit Nurse very kindly told me (and now it’s just been on the local news) that the government has passed the buck – once again – and been unable to make a decision about the Thames Gateway Bridge proposal. So. More delay, expense and uncertainty while we fork out for yet another inquiry.

This way no one’s a winner (well – I guess the guys doing the inquiry make a few bob.) Friends of the Earth don’t get the decision they wanted (to ditch the scheme) TfL doesn’t get the decision it wanted (to go ahead with the scheme,) and the rest of us certainly don’t get the decision we wanted (which was basically just to have a decision so we could take it from there.)

It’s a political hot-potato and the government don’t want to be the ones holding the steaming spud when the music stops, as they were when the Dome was first mooted. But this can’t just go on and on, surely? To have years and years of indecision helps no one – not Friends of the Earth who can’t be sure they are ever going to win, not the people in Thamesmead and around who are desperate for investment. And those Blackwall Tunnel queues we’re suffering on a daily basis are here to stay while Central Government sits on the fence.

If you want the depressing detail, you can find it here. But don’t expect to enjoy it…

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