I have been sent some fab pics by photographer Warren King who was at the historic Squeeze reunion gig at the Albany on Thursday.

I have a soft spot for local band Squeeze – even down to admitting to owning some seriously dodgy memorabilia such as an original limited edition dead-baby-bird-pink vinyl 7″ single of Cool for Cats, but didn’t make it on Thursday so I’m particularly grateful to Warren for sending in some pics. He says it was a great gig – the first time Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford have been seen together since 1999.

Apparently the atmosphere was fantastic, even if security got a bit over-enthusiastic. I am looking forward to hearing more about that incident…

I can’t include all the pics here, or I’ll get in trouble with the Phantom Webmaster for hogging all the space, but if you’re like to see more, contact Warren at warren@wkphotography.co.uk

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