Greenwich Reach

Tom asks a question I can’t answer, so I’m passing it onto you folks that know more about this kind of thing than me:

Do you know what is going on at Greenwich Reach, the developer’s namefor the little peninsula at the mouth of Deptford Creek? From theriver there appear to be a number of earth movers on site after yearsof inaction.On top of this it would appear that the original owners of the landhave sold-up:”Disposal of Greenwich Reach, SE10. Completion has taken placeto Roamquest Limited, part of Galliard Homes, for £111.8 million. This eightacre cleared site is on the South bank of the Thames, overlooking Canary Wharf. The site currently has planning consent for 980 residential apartments and71,155 sq ft of commercial/retail space.”from Derwent London press release 13th July.There was talk of building a new pier and even a cruise liner terminalat one stage but a google search throws up some fairly unremarkablearchitects drawings of generic docklands flats.

The Phantom replies:

I have absolutely no idea about this, but I suspect that if it was going to be anything more interesting than bog-standard ‘luxury’ flats they’d be shouting it to the rooftops. Here’s hoping I’m wrong…

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