Donovan asks:

I’ve just moved to the heart of the East Greenwich conservation area, not to be confused with whatever ends up being the ‘Heart of East Greenwich’, and your blog has been tremendously useful in searching out things like dentists and the fishmonger. I know we’ve got the Tesco, M&S and Coop now but is there a proper greengrocer’s within walking distance?
Also can you recommend a doctor’s surgery?

The Phantom Replies:

Aaah, Donovan, there’s the rub. I know of only two proper greengrocers within walking distance since the lovely old couple who used to run the fruit & veg stall outside the Co-op retired, and although they’re both within walking distance, they are both “destinations” rather than a quick nip round the corner. Orange & Apple at Blackheath Standard, which I haven’t got round to reviewing yet, but will soon, I promise, is a great old-fashioned greengrocer with friendly, knowledgeable service, and The Creaky Shed is a wonderful, very trendy, but extremely good greengrocers in Royal Hill.

East Greenwich is desperately in need of a proper greengrocers within a few minutes walk. As more people (such as your good self) move into the area, and the “Heart of East Greenwich” (whatever that will be) takes shape, perhaps someone will be inspired to be brave and start one. We can only hope…

As for doctors in your particular area, perhaps The Vanbrugh Group Practice in Vanbrugh Hill will fit the bill. I have have heard only good reports of them.

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