Chavs, Arcades and the nature of Blogs

Scared of Chives asks two valid questions:

The old Woolwich on Trafalgar Road becoming an games arcade? (sorryif this is already covered elsewhere…). 5/10 years’ ago peoplewere saying ‘East Greenwich will come up in the world’ Now it’s is -or is becoming – a chav’s paradise. Ladbrooke’s, potential lap-dancing club, beauty saloon…and now the arcade.

Also, do YOU have to start the debates/threads… or am I missing something? I know it’s a blog not a message board but might become abit self-indulgent otherwise?

The Phantom replies:

Hi SoC – yes – sadly, nothing to do with the council, Mary Mills (among others) is furious, but the games arcade is going ahead despite local and council opposition. We can only guess what will happen with the Plaza.

With regard to the starting of posts – bizarrely, although this looks like a message board it is actually my personal blog, and is, as blogs tend to be, TOTALLY self-indulgent, for which I make no apology. It’s just my thoughts on local things – and there are several other excellent local blogs which do the same.

Some, like GreenwichWatch, concentrate on issues; personally I like to be a bit more diverse, but each has its own place. I live in hope that more people will do the same – the more blogs there are the more people who actually give a damn we’ll get in Greenwich. At some point I’ll be including a links section with a list of my favourites.

I welcome with both arms all the lovely people who comment here (and if someone suggests a subject then I usually try to cover it if I haven’t already – we’ve spent some time on the games arcade already)but this is essentially just a blog. I’m always delighted if people read what I have to say, and I try to read what everyone else says back, but it’s not really a ‘community’ site and anything (apart from comments) that goes up is my choice…

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