100 Caulifowers

I confess I don’t quite understand today’s subject. Kate sent me a tantalising mail about a bizarre largescale art work based on life at Combe Farm. I’m not exactly sure where it stood as I’ve only got old maps which don’t have any real landmarks on them at the point it would be useful, but from what I can guess it stood more or less around Westcombe Park Station and its lands ranged across the peninsula. Kate has sent me a fascinating book which I will be reading and dissecting for your delight and delectation soon.)

Apparently it grew hundreds of cauliflowers and, from what I can tell from the email an artist, Kerry – I cannot find her second name though I’m sure someone will enlighten me – will be looking at the concept of food miles by taking old supermarket veg boxes, noting what was originally in them and how far they travelled to get to Greenwich, then replanting them (using green-waste compost) and sowing cauliflowers with the help of local residents, and turn them into an art installation.

I think they’ll be creating two beds on the peninsula, one on the site of old allotments (not hard to find if you check an old OS map,) one on the site of an old market garden (ditto) and planting out the caulis and some rhubarb (I’m not convinced that’s the right time of year to do that, BTW) and letting them overwinter before making the momentous decision whether to harvest the food or let it go to seed in the spring (a no-brainer, I’d have thought.)

So. Have I got it right so far? I’ve not been able to find much more out – the website that Kate sent me – http://www.independentphotography.co.uk/ – although utterly fascinating, didn’t seem to have anything more about the project and when I googled it all could find was the faintly sinister-sounding Veg Management Guide.

But from the email Kate passed onto me it sounds a most intriguing idea – and would be even more so if the beds ended up as permanent on the peninsula. Personally, I’d be tempted to ditch the caulis (yeuch) after the point was made and establish some nice rhubarb beds – maybe Kerry could design some funky forcers for lovely first-crop stuff, but probably that’s not really the point. Still. Art you can eat. What’s not to like?

If you’re interested in getting involved, get down to Peninsula Square outside the Dome NOW (Sat 21st July) until 3pm as I’ve just noticed what the date is. Tut to me for being so slow on the uptake.

If you get along, or involved, do tell me what it’s all REALLY about!

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