The First Act To Play The Dome

Charlton Average asks:

I’m trying to find out who were the first band to play at the O2.
The Greenwich Times makes it sound like it was that choir of school
children and the Sun’s trying to say that it was Tom Jones and/or the
Kaiser Chiefs.

The full details are here:

Do you have any idea who that first band were? If not could you try
and find out? I suspect they were a local band and I really think that they deserve
the credit for doing it.

The Phantom Replies:

Hi CA,

Sadly for some reason I can’t log onto your blog at the moment – I’ll try again later.

I suspect that it depends on what your point of view is as to who actually played first. According to the delivery guy I met last week who was telling me about his new security job at the Dome, there was a private party hosted by one of the banks the Sunday before the public opening (I think it was a Sunday) and presumably that was when these big acts were playing, for the Z-list celebrities and pissed bank employees (my delivery guy reckons he “saw some sights” – whatever that means…) The first PUBLIC outing would have been, I assume, the kiddies on Wednesday.

That would be my guess, anyway. Anyone else got an imput here who has more than the word of a delivery guy to go on?

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