Thames Gateway Bridge

I was talking to someone just now who’s been talking to someone in the loop about the new Thames Gateway bridge. Apparently it is most definitely coming – largely funded by tolls at the Dartford Crossing, and the thing that’s been holding it up has been delicate negotiations between The Port of London – who want the bridge as high as possible so ships can get under it and London City Airport who want it as low as possible so that aircraft don’t crash into it. Things have been tense, I understand, and the agreement they have come to gives the bridge a mere six metres leeway either way…

And in case anyone was holding out for the rumoured extra tunnel at the Peninsula (where the David Beckham Tomato Polytunnel is) going over to Canning Town, forget it. It ain’t happening. I’m not surprised – it’s a possible tunnel – but with no way to get traffic to it – or from it the other end, it’s largely pointless and would only add to the Blackwall queues.

The Tfl site reckons that work will begin in 2010 and the bridge will open in 2013. The public suggested tolls are £ 1 for local residents. Hmm…. we’ll see.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print just now, folks. I’ll keep my ear to the ground for any extras.

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