School Terms in Greenwich Borough

AndreKabu asks:

I heard a rumour that Greenwich Borough schools will be going to four terms a year starting September. Can anyone via your site confirm or deny?

The Phantom replies:

I am not the one to ask about this – but I bet there’s someone here who will know. Unfortunately for you, Andrekabu, you’re usually the one I’d expect to know about that kind of thing, but there are plenty of other parents/parent governors around, hopefully they’ll know.

Frankly, I’d be very surprised if this is true – I would expect a major change like that to be flagged up months in advance – and I find it very unlikely that it hasn’t slipped out before now if it is going to happen. Teachers, for one, would surely know by now, as their contracts would have been changed. It would have found its way into the TES or the Education Guardian and ‘debates’ would have happened. I think it would be very difficult for Greenwich Council to ‘spring’ that one on parents without any consultation – or even hints. There’s the whole thing about exams and assessment too – terms would need to be organised around them.

But I never cease to be amazed at what I’m wrong about – on a daily basis. Does anyone have any ideas? And would it be a good idea?

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