Nevada St Rumours

Suzana asks:

Do you have any idea if the rumour is true that 9 Nevada St -ex book store / antique store, will become a bakery in the near future? It has a To let sign – then changed to Let By. Now its back to ‘To-Let’ – but not sure if its the shop or the property above?

The Phantom Replies:

No one more than I would like this rumour to be true. That sad little dusty street, given what’s on it, its beautiful buildings and its location, should be one of the jewels of Greenwich – instead it’s a forgotten backstreet with an almost Dickensian feel, especially at night. Oooh – a proper baker’s – lovely. A shop in the centre of Greenwich aimed at local people…

Sadly I haven’t heard anything about it – I do hope it’s not wishful thinking – someone saying “you know what would be really lovely here…” and the next thing that happens, someone else is reporting it as fact. Anyone else heard this – who can corroborate – or smash – a dream?

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