Marcet Books

Sad news, Folks.

Martin Kemp at the delightful Marcet Books has finally decided he’s had enough. His health has been not so good recently and what with the well-documented rent rises in the covered market, he’s decided to give up and retire.

He’s currently selling all his stock at half price – good news in the short-term, very bad news in the long term. For such a minute bookstore there are vast amounts of fascinating volumes and he reckons he has plenty more downstairs.

It will take a couple of weeks for him to go (I assumed months when he told me, but no – he’s expecting to go within weeks.) I can’t imagine that little alley off Turnpin Lane without it. Add that to the demise of Essential Music, and the fact that Greenwich Inc now control three of the four corners of the place, and there is not much to be cheerful about in Greenwich Market just now.

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