Ironing companies

Richard asks:

I cant take it any more… dont suppose you could recommend someone/somewhere in Greenwich centre to do ironing, either in or to collect???

The Phantom replies:

My best recommendation is to do as I do – no ironing at all. I just don’t buy everyday stuff that requires pressing, arguing that if I have to press a special occasion garment then I won’t care, because I’ll be so excited about the event…

Seriously, you can buy workshirts from John Lewis and, I think, M&S, which are called something like “easycare cotton” (might be “carefree cotton”) which, if you stick it on a hanger the moment it comes out of the machine will dry perfectly acceptably.

If you really want razor creases and absolutely flat stuff, then I have definitely seen laundry collecting companies around but I erase them from my memory – the idea of ironing is too traumatic…

Bet there’s someone here who knows a good one though. Good luck.

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