Highland Store

Greenwich covered Market SE10

Has the march of the chains begun? I can’t actually tell with this one. The shop that has taken over from the old Tartan Cupboard in the market has a vigorous and very professional website, but it’s not Edinburgh Woollen Mill, thank God. The only other branches appear to be in Great Russell St and Portobello Road, so I think we’re safe enough for now.

It looks bright enough – white-painted ‘driftwood’ walls and simple shelves, displaying everything from tartan blankets to baby shoes, bagpipers’ hats to books on whisky. I was particularly taken with one of those classic black beret-hats with the red & white check band and the jaunty pom-pom, though I’d probably feel a bit daft wearing it around town. There are lots of the usual jumpers and scarves, some of which are in very sweet pastel shades, and the place does manage to avoid the usual Celtic kitsch that seems to creep into any shop selling Scottish goods south of the border, but I suspect that it’s still largely aimed at those tourists that won’t make it north of the river, let alone Britain.

I like the scarves that button down them so that you can wear them like a waistcoat for £ 24.99 and I may well be back for a woolly when the weather turns chillier (maybe galoshes would be more suitable at the moment.) And let’s face it, it is good to see a new shop (even a miniature chain) in the centre of Greenwich, where the number of dead shops with those ‘tasteful’ plastic blinds with pictures of the Observatory on is beginning to depress me. But until the sword of Damocles lifts from the future of the market, my guess is that we’ll be seeing more closures than openings in Greenwich.


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