Laura asks:

Does anyone know about the continuous roar of helicopters over Greenwich yesterday (Sunday) such a beautiful day was spoilt by the presence of them

The Phantom Replies:

Maybe there was a riot at the Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce fun day? I didn’t notice anything untoward there – no escaped criminals or jewel heists that I could see, though there were a lot of kiddies with balloons…

Seriously, folks, on this particular day I have no idea. But I do know why we have so many helicopters flying over us on a general basis. A friend of mine is a helicopter pilot, and I asked him one particularly trying day.

All aircraft need special permission to fly over London, but they usually have to wait well outside the area before they are allowed in. Helicopters are allowed to fly in a bit further, but they, too, have to join the queue for the real centre. The holding pattern for the City of London and Docklands is – you’ve guessed it – directly above us. My pal showed it to me on a helicopter map of London.

Add to this the weather and traffic helicopters for the media, police helicopters for escaped convits, the London Hospital airlift, M25 road safety helicopters, army chinooks (they’re the ones with two rotors) and the various private helicopters for businessmen and sundry bigwigs, and that’s one hell of a lot of noise. It gets worse on sports days – the Marathon, for example, with TV crews. Expect more on the weekend of the Red Bull Air Race – though of course you’re more likely to hear the jet aricraft themselves that day.

So – yesterday’s particular problem – I don’t know – every other day it’s -well, sheer weight of traffic (so to speak…)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah that summer , a black helicopter was hovering over the city of london area,regulary