Westcome Park Police Station Car Park

No – really…

Greenwich Mutiny asks:

Is there any truth in the council increasing the rent by 50% on the scrap of land that acts as a staff carpark for the Royal Hill constabulary? Rumour has it that the hike in price is an attempt to force the police out and flog the land to property developers to build more housing/luxury flats???

You know – I have no idea. I had always assumed that the land was owned by the police themselves, who have actually said they’re moving anyway (you’ll find it somewhere in the archives here – try under ‘news.’ Must sort those archives out…)

This sounds a bit like a Chinese whisper to me. I haven’t heard any rumours about this – has anyone else? If so, where?

I have no doubt that luxury flats will be built on that piece of land (though just how ‘luxury’ flats with a direct view over the 102(M) can be remains to be seen – maybe they’ll be the Section 106 affordables for the flats in the old police station.) But I’m not convinced about this rumour. If the council do own the land, perhaps they’ve put up the prices for the usual reason – profit. Somehow I doubt they’d have got themselves together enough to conspire such a small thing for such a small profit. Nah. I don’t believe that one…

Prove me wrong, someone.

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