Stockwell Street Market

Stockwell St SE10

Since we were talking about the Stockwell St development plans on the King William’s Passage post the other day, I thought that I’d take a closer peek at the market itself today.

Everyone has their favourite corner of this tatty, scruffy, funky delightful place which is larger than it at first looks (why else do you think the developers have thier beady eyes on it?) and which encompases warehouses, tatty old workshops and even an ex-petrol station filled to the brim with the kind of joyous nonsense that brings locals, tourists and Londoners from other areas to Greenwich as opposed to anywhere else. It’s mainly junk and antiques, with a lot of clothes, but there are other stalls too.

If you go in the entrance nearest the railway line there is a second-hand record and CD stall, neatly lined up with those little cardboard dividers that denotes a true enthusiast. Opposite it a stall groaning with rocks and gemstones jostles for attention with jewellery stands and clothes stalls. Some are new and not terribly exciting, some are customised pieces – I understand there are a few people there who sell out of Cockpit Arts and with Goldsmiths only up the road it’s to be expected that there will be custom-clothes here. My particular favourite is HFH Designs, which I have written about elsewhere – a pair of truly delightful nutty people who make intriguing jewellery and talk about it so enthusiastically that you feel part of the creation process.

If you’re after an ex-military greatcoat, a velvet jacket, a morning suit or a tailcoat, there are plenty of stalls which will sell you one. There are shops for the girls too – ballgowns and teadresses, minidresses and promfrocks, though the quality isn’t always as good as elsewhere in Greenwich. I’ll spend more time on a couple of the best places another day as they warrant entries on their own.

Nearer the back, the junk stalls reign supreme. Again quality and price vary enormously – but it’s well-displayed – just enough piles of stuff to warrant a rummage, just enough order to prevent weariness. Some of them are just stalls, others work out of the back of old warehouses.

Moving on round past what will be a familiar sight for anyone who remembers me from Livejournal days…

…there’s an indoor bit and other shops, some of which are up steps outside or backstairs inside.

Once again I’m not going to talk today about the excellent vintage clothing shops here – but I just love to point out the care and attention that goes into display.

Right round the front there’s often a fruit and veg stall and the odd other foodie bit,though the main food stalls are the other side of the railway line (another day…)

One thing though – I have a challenge for you. Can anyone find anything for sale in Greenwich that is creepier than this?

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