Secret Garden Wildlife Centre

I had another interesting Ask The Phantom today. So interesting, in fact, that I got straight onto the case…

Kori asks:

A few years ago I was talking to a park warden (or some such) in Greenwich Park; she told me about a place within the park that can be hired out for children’s birthday parties, etc. I think she called it the Deer Shelter or something similar. Have you heard of such a thing, and do you know what kinds of things it’s used for?

Kori – I have good news for you. You are talking about The Secret Garden Wildlife Centre which is a long building in the flower garden, which runs alongside of the deer enclosure. It has a viewing area – though deer being what deer are, it’s pot luck as to whether you’ll actually see any deer on your chosen party day.

It has chairs and tables (both adult and kiddie-sized,) toilets and a small kitchen. You’re expected to do your own catering – or, presumably bring in your own caterer if you’d rather the jelly and ice cream burden was borne by someone else.

There is a wonderfully British way of arranging it, which gladdens my heart. The place costs £ 47 to hire (this will be revised soon though so get in quick) and what you do is collect the keys the day before, then, when you’re finished , you lock the door then post them back through the letterbox. There is no deposit – which delights me – that previous users have left the place in such a clean state that there has been no necessity to insist on one.

It is not manned – but park rangers and police will be aware of the event so that if you have problems you can get help.

Bookings can be made right up until the day before, but it’s always best to reserve in advance as they only ever have one event per day.

You can view the site first. I haven’t been because I wanted to get this info out as quickly as possible, but if you go, please will you leave me your impressions – or even mail me a pic I can use here?

The magic number is:

020 8858 2608

Happy partying, kids!

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