Restaurants coming to the Dome

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous passed on to me this list of the restaurants that will be included at the new Dome complex (I guess at some point I’m going to have start calling it that ridiculous name but for now the Dome will do…)

So here it is in full (so far, of course – there may well be more) Some are obligatory (wouldn’t we all be devastated if Starbucks didn’t come…) Some are predictable, solid performers, one or two are intriguing prospects.

Gary Rhodes – Could be interesting. One to watch.

Frankie & Benny’s – Ho-hum. Might be good for the one time I visit the multiplex before going back to the Picturehouse.

Inc Brassiere – The latest offering from Guess Who.

Las Iguanas – I don’t know this place – South American food. Sounds like a chain but might be interesting.

Nandos – I adore Nandos. I know I shouldn’t – but I do. They’re just fab.

Pizza Express – We all know this one – a tried and tested oldie.

S & M Cafe – I’m quite excited about this one. The one in Spitalfields is fab. S&M, for those who don’t know, is the hilariously-titled Sausage and Mash (fnnar fnnar…)

Spur Steak Ranches – Another chain. Might be ok.

Starbucks Coffee Company – I’d start to get some sort of inferiority complex if there wasn’t one of these included. Did you know that in Brazil they’re nicknamed “charbucks” because they burn their coffee in the roast?

Thai Silk restaurant & bar – I know it’s a chain but I like Thai Silk. Hope it keeps its high standards.

Urban Inc – Not one but two establishments from Our Frank.

Wasabi – Another chain

Water Margin - Apparently an oriental buffet. I don’t know it myself.

Zizzi - Yet another chain – but could be fun. I’ve enjoyed Zizis when I’ve been to others.

What does everyone else think of this list? We were never going to get one-offs here. I wonder whether that might leave the way for some interesting individual restaurants to chance their arms in Greenwich town centre?

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