Prime Time Video

Christina asks:

I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to the Prime Time video shop next to Somerfields, I walked past yesterday to find that it has shut down! Does anyone know if they are going to re-open or whether another one will take it’s place? Failing that, what’s the closest one now for us in west Greenwich???

High Street video stores seem to be having a hard time of it recently and I’ve been noticing several closing down. I think it’s probably down to the mail-order rental that’s enjoying a vogue. I’ve been testing out a few myself recently. They all seem to be much of a muchness, though LoveFilm will charge you for an extra month if you cancel and then your film doesn’t reach them by the cancellation date (they recommend that you send your vids back by registered post if you cancel, which seems a bit dodgy to me.)

I confess I don’t know of another video hire shop in West Greenwich (though if there is one, someone here will know it) but I can heartily recommend the Blockbuster on Trafalgar Road, if not for the selection (which is at best average) for the excellent service you get there. All the staff are friendly, helpful and accommodating. I know it’s a bit of a long way. Maybe someone else knows of somewhere closer.

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