Paul McPherson Gallery

77, Lassell St SE10

Paul McPherson’s tiny gallery is tucked away down an East Greenwich side street, and you might miss it unless you were actually looking out for it, but it’s well worth a visit – and a regular visit at that.

Paul McPherson himself is a graphic artist and designer – he’s the man responsible for that wonderful Hope & Greenwood sweetie packaging (now there’s a shop I could stand a sister branch in Greenwich – but that’s a whole other story.) He’s also worked for J&B Whisky and Smirnoff but his best-known work in Greenwich is probably the graphics for Theatre of Wine. You can see the sort of thing he does on his website.

He works from the back room, which leaves the gallery at the front available for rolling exhibitions from up-and-coming artists. They’re not always my cup of tea, but that’s the beauty of a rolling display – the artists change on a regular basis, so if you don’t like one, the next one might turn out to be a favourite.

The Paul Catherall exhibition on at the moment is excellent (he did those fab posters on the underground with the lino prints of modern London landmarks but is possibly better known, if you hang out round bookshops, for the design for The Cloudspotters Guide - you can find him at but you never know who’s going to be there so it’s worth making a regular date in your diary.

It’s minute – the size of a shopfront, but it’s crisp, bright and modern – a perfect exhibition space for a new artist. The door is a ‘normal’ front door and can look intimidating – but if it’s regular office hours, chances are it will be open – and if it’s not and Paul’s in, if you ring the doorbell, he’ll let you in. There’s no obligation to buy of course,and there are usually sweeties in a jar at the back as an extra incentive to visit…

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