Micro Eco Park on the Peninsula

No – not the “official” one – which I’ll come to another day. This tiny little eco park is about a tenth of the size of the ‘proper’ one and I confess I’ve walked past it on several occasions without realising what it was or even, if I’m honest, that it was there at all.

It’s round the back of the Teletubby Sainsburys – presumably some kind of Section 106 set-aside, and it takes approximately 1 minute to walk round, but it’s nevertheless a delight to stumble upon, and once the sundry consortia who have carved up the Peninsula have covered what is green and lovely now with coloured concrete boxes, it will be an even more welcome haven for animals, insects, birds and even the odd walker.

It’s basically a couple of wetland-pond-ish-marshy dips, filled with reeds, rushes and, at the moment, some beautiful yellow irises. There are saplings of what look like some sort of willow (?) dotted around and a little fenced area with some young apple trees – I have no idea of the variety, but I’m hoping they’re either native or at least heritage breeds.

A little (pretty-accessible) path winds its way around the site – it takes a couple of minutes to march around it, slightly longer to wander. There are no signs, plaques or even gates – but it’s such a welcome corner, tucked behind a shopping centre and surrounded by a hedge of mixed British plants – even the back of Sainsburys itself doesn’t ‘loom’ over the area (and presumably provides a nice place for employees to enjoy a quiet fag) that it’s worth seeking out as a five minute excursion of peace from the madness that is that sodding Peninsula car park.

One Comment to “Micro Eco Park on the Peninsula”

  1. Joe says:

    Agreed it’s a gem in a busy urban site. Greenwich needs more of these little havens to reduce the stress of our surroundings and give wildlife a chance to survive somehwere!