Ideas Pool

Sam asks:

I wonder if you might ever have a section on your site for business opportunities/ideas? I have always had a dream of opening a cafe in Greenwich, Blackheath or Charlton that sells breakfast only, from all around the world. One slight problem is I don’t have much cash to inject! I thought if you did have a section like that maybe people could get together for a project or at least swap ideas and good practice?

I love the idea of a cafe that serves breakfast around the world. Maybe you should make it a 24-hour eaterie and serve whatever food would be being served for breakfast at a particular time of day – 7.00am Croissants and coffee. 8.00am – Full English. 11.00am – New York Bagels. 3.00pm Mexican burritos. And so on, all around the world…

I like the idea of pooling ideas, but I’m not sure how it could work – this is a blog, with a classic blog format. Perhaps when I’ve been going longer (it’s only been four months since I crossed from Livejournal to Blogger and I still don’t really quite feel settled) I could look into expanding to a proper ‘website’ – but I suspect that’s some time away.

For the moment though, if anyone fancies going in with Sam on an World breakfast bar, drop me a line at the usual address and I’ll pass it on…

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