Helena Pare Lydia Mott

Today I bring you a total mystery. In vain I have searched for information about the poet Helena Pare Lydia Mott, who lived at 115 Maze Hill. There is a glorious 1951 plaque to her, in flowing rococo-style, with what I can only assume is a verse of hers engraved into it.

The summer’s breath is spent upon the hills
Behold, remember and rejoice
She seems to say
I give you colour
That the dolour of your winter
May be eased
Until I come again.

And, er, that’s it. I have consulted books, googled her to infinity, asked anyone I know who might have a clue – and drawn a complete blank.

I find it remarkable that such a splendid house, with such a grand plaque has absolutely no reference to it – or the person to whom it relates – anywhere that I can find. This is only just over 50 years ago. Is someone so important that she warranted a memorial in 1951 so easily forgotten?

Does anyone out there in Greenwich Cyberville know anything about her? In the meanwhile I will continue to delve and update you if I find anything.I guess Greenwich without mystery would be a dull place indeed.

BTW I will be coming to No. 111 Maze Hill and its more famous but un-plaqued resident very soon…

4 Comments to “Helena Pare Lydia Mott”

  1. JudyH says:


    I was also looking for information on this author and the plaque. Your blog entry is all I have found.

    If I may offer one correction — it’s “dolour of your winter.” Please see my link.

    Here’s hoping that someone else can add to the story.

    ~ Judy

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  3. Actually, Judy, we DID find out a whole bunch of stuff about her, but sadly when I moved over to wordpress I lost nearly all my comments> If you email me, I’ll see if I can find what we discovered about the plaque in my backup.

  4. Paul says:

    Any comments or info please email to me as well – intrigued by this poet – thanks
    p_giffney [AT] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk