Group meals

Commenting on the Inside thread, Humberfisher mentioned that while it’s absolutely great for a romantic dinner for two, Inside isn’t the best place for parties of more than 10. This got me thinking. I wonder where IS the best place for a group meal in Greenwich?

I guess it sort of depends on the group of course – a kiddie birthday party isn’t going to be the same as an office Christmas do or a sedate 50th Birthday meal.

So – I’d like suggestions, please, for the best places (and the worst) for large parties (meals, not actual parties.) Suggestions for all the above types of groups and others will be interesting – we all have celebrations from time to time.

Part of me can’t help thinking that despite any other prejudices I might have, some of the Greenwich Inc. places are best set up for larger groups – Bar du Musee, The Trafalgar Tavern and, gulp, The Spread Eagle (has anyone eaten in the posh conference room bit that used to be the antique shop yet?) may be, despite anything else, the best places to eat. Cafe Rouge, too, might do it – size and ability to cope with numbers has to reign over intimacy and personal service when it comes to occasions.

What’s your opinion?

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