Cutty Sark disaster

I am finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that it looks like someone actually wanted the Cutty Sark to die – the police are treating this morning’s fire as “suspicious.” Thank heavens they were stupid enough not to wait until the ship was complete (the masts and other stuff are away being restored at the moment.)

According to the news (I couldn’t make it down there) they now have the fire under control, but they reckon that 80% of what was there at the time (the hull, basically) is “significantly damaged” – and it wasn’t in great nick to start with.

Aparently the fire began (or was started) around 5.00am this morning – and at first the fire brigade assumed at first it was chemicals from the restoration, which hampered their putting it out (it could ahve been dangerous for fire fighters.)

The guy from the Cutty Sark Trust has been on saying that they’re still determined to renovate it. I will be joining the trust now, and doing what I can to raise funds to help them try to undo what these arses have done (I’ve always meant to but now I’m actually going to do it…) I still can’t believe what’s happened.

More when I know it.

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