Circus Street, SE10

In another of my occasional focuses on Greenwich streets I thought I’d take a peek at an estate-agent-favourite West Greenwich byway today.

Circus Street links Royal Hill and Greenwich South Street in a gentle sweeping curve which doesn’t quite meet Gloucester Circus at the Royal Hill end. It’s clearly Georgian /early Victorian and has kept that old feel despite one or two more modern places along it. A few houses were obviously built together as pairs or rows; others have been built as little terraces but don’t all look the same. It’s a delightful mixture of very large, stucco-front houses with splendid front doors, wrought iron railings and imposing windows, and tiny little flat-front terraces opening directly onto the street with interesting features and jolly window boxes. There is what looks like a converted chapel about half-way down it. Judging from the amount of converted chapels in the area, Greenwich must have been some religious place. It would seem to be less so now.

Near the Royal Hill end, there is an interesting place with a discreet plaque which says “Zero” – but my (albeit imperfect) searches have bowled up nothing about it. Can anyone enlighten me?

At number 42 lives Circus Street Ltd. I had a spot of trouble wading through the jargon to find out what they actually do – it seems to be a sort of digital media consultancy – though whether this is PR, website design, some sort of data analysis or a mixture of all of them beats me. I guess that’s what comes of not actually working in this field. They seem to have some big clients, judging from the list. The blog’s fun – I enjoyed “Can brands control bloggers”:

Hmm – wonder what would happen if I typed in “The Greenwich Phantom Sucks,” as recommended. Phew. Nothing. Yet…

On the corner of Brand St is The Pub With No Name. Sadly, it’s lost its sign, and there’s no name on the board above it, but luckily its real name is carved into the very stone of the building – thank heavens for the supreme Victorian confidence that presumed that this pub would always be called The Morden Arms, presumably named for Sir John Morden who founded Morden College in Blackheath in 1695. It’s nice enough and has the occasional jazz night (it gets involved with the Riverfront Jazz Festival,) but it’s not what I’d call a destination pub – more a local boozer for local drinkers (no food.)

Does anyone here live in Circus Street or know anyone who does? I’d love to know more about it.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I have a friend who currently living in Circus Street and I even had a chance to visit the place once..And I am really glad that I visited such a nice place..I was quite impressed with the houses their and the people living there are very friendly..

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  2. Rita Green says:

    I am trying to find out anything I can about my Grandmother Elizabeth Benford born 1875 at 22 Circus Street, Greenwich, London. Her mother was Leah Benford. Elizabeth then ended up in Islington. She doesnt appear on any census from 1881 until 1903. Why she was born there is a complete mystery and I would to know who the occupants where in 1875. Was 22 circus Street a Home for unmarried mothers as a father is a total mystery.