As you know, I have always said I wouldn’t ever take direct ads for anything that I might ever review. I stand by that. I never will. There are plenty of magazines and newspapers that already do that and to my mind there’s no point in creating another advertorial vehicle.

I was asked recently, however, by a tiny independent company (which sounds very interesting indeed – a great new concept – but isn’t, frankly, something I would ever review) whether I took “small ads.”

Well, I guess it looks a bit like it because Google Adwords are so clever with their computer-generated adverts, tailoring them to fit something I’m writing about without either me or the original advertiser knowing, but it really is merely the Wonders of Modern Science.

There is one way that this new company could advertise on the site which I believe would not compromise me at all – and might be of benefit to local people since it is so very niche. But I won’t do it without your say so.

That is “targeted” Google Adwords. It’s where a company can ask specifically to advertise on a certain site; ie. to join the little list of ads in brown down the left-hand column of the page in my case.

I tend to take the view that there would always be enough random-ness within the system that it would not impinge on anything I said, and that there would always be other Adwords adverts to fill in any gaps I created by being ‘rude’ about a company and losing their custom if I enabled this option. I don’t really see any big harm in doing so. But I want to ask your opinion, guys. Would YOU feel compromised by my enabling people to say they specifically wanted to advertise in the GoogleAds section of my blog?

Let’s face it, GoogleAds are never going to mean megabucks, but the odd pennies here and there all add up. I might even be able to afford a cup of tea and a bun in George of Greenwich by Christmas (my little dream… ;-) )

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