258 Creek Road revisited

Hope you remember a question I had a few weeks ago about the half-scaffolded house at 258 Creek Road? Well – I’ve been contacted by David Herbert – who lives in the house in question.

I still can’t find it on the internet, but he does have a mail-order book company with over 100,000 books stored in the ten rooms of the house. David Herbert did up his place some years ago (he’s been there for 35 years) but then suffered from ill health which prevented him from doing any more. Apparently the council has admitted responsibility for some tree roots creating subsidence (hence the scaffolding) but have presumably done nothing further because they were expecting him to move out for the Bardsley Lane development (the same that threatened the Lord Hood.) He’s digging his heels in.

He has plans for the future – he tells me he is preparing to re-launch his bookshop and open an art gallery.

David writes today:

Have you noticed (perhaps on the way back from the opera) notices (I imagine they’re supposed to be noticed) to say that a further revised plan for the redevelopment is proposed for consideration which still includes the demolition of my home and business.

Every extra objection received will be a help to me, as well as to preserving the tranquil beauty which surrounds me at present (so near the World Heritage site) May I ask you to tell the Council you object their horrific plans to increase the already excessive development of this neighbourhood.

I enclose some details in case you don’t have them:-
Ref: 05/1228/C
Frances Dolan
Strategic Planning
Peggy Middleton House
50 Woolwich New Road
SE18 6HQ

I hope I can count on your help.. This would be really phantastic!
Best wishes

David – if you wish to add anything here about the development, we’d all like to hear about it and how it will affect you – the more information we have about what is wrong with the development proposals, the easier it is to help – just ‘objecting’ will not be taken as seriously as objections with specific reasons. Sadly Greenwich Council’s address is a bit general to give much further information – I’ve typed your address into the search, but not found anything more recent than 2005.

In the meanwhile, what’s the address of your mail-order shop? We’d all like to have a peek at what you have for sale…

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