Westcombe Park Police Station

I’ve been reading in The Papers that all the police stations in the area are to close with a new Super Police Station opening somewhere central. Is there anyone who didn’t see that one coming a mile off?

Presumably they’ve been having a look at the estate agents prices and realising what a gold mine they’re sitting on. Plumstead? Not bad. The centre of Woolwich? Really rather good. Westcombe Park Police Station in Combedale Rd? PAYDIRRRRRT!!!!!!

In the same papers, I notice a very average-looking four-bed property in Combedale Road going for a whopping £ 650,000 – what would a converted cute ol’ ex-police station turned into a million luxury flats be worth? And there’s acres of parking behind that they could build a few more on too. They could even convert the look-out tower into a penthouse.

I guess ultimately I am hardly surprised. Since the advent of stupid house prices, and given that developers will even build on a strip of land in Ormiston Rd hardly big enough to be a garden, I’ve been taking bets on how long the Westcombe Park station would last.

We’re just not going to be able to live in Dixon of Dock Green-wich for much longer and I guess we have to get used to it.

I just hope they keep the rather nice building and that wonderful blue lamp outside (and the sweet little cherry tree would be a welcome retention too… )

Perlease, Mr Developer? Pretty perlease?

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