Here’s a poser for you.

Last night I was walking past the power station towards the Royal Naval College, when a woman streaked past me, running as though her life depended on it. A microsecond later a scary-looking burly bloke ran past, in hot pursuit. I turned to watch, as I thought she might be in trouble.

About 25 metres up the road he caught her and started beating her up. It was clearly ‘a domestic.’

My question is this. What do you think I should have done next?

Wade in and risk getting a beating myself? It was still light, but in a side street, pretty much deserted and the bloke was a real nastylooking type.

Call the police – who might not get there until it had all finished, but might at least prevent it happening again or even press charges?

Taken no action – after all – it was none of my business – it was between them and judging from the look of her it wasn’t the first time it had happened?

I’ll tell you what I actually did (or didn’t do) in a couple of days. In the meanwhile, opinions, please…

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