Chew and Chow

Peter asks:

This is a little way off your Greenwich patrol, but do you know anything about recent changes at Chew and Chow ?

Chew and Chow has been a small licensed Spanish cafe in Charlton Church Lane, just up the hill from Charlton station, serving simple but good quality food for the last 10 years or so. The interior and furniture define basic, but its always been a treat to have a neighbourhood cafe providing authentic Spanish fare using excellent ingredients. Charlton Church Lane probably isn’t the best location for an enterprise of this type and in recent years the cafe scaled down to weekend only opening.

We went there for lunch today first the first time for a few months. The menu still offer the same tapas dishes and salads as before, but there is also a “Thai Tapas” menu. The Spanish breakfasts have gone from the menu, as have the omelettes and filled rolls, but there is a new short listing of Thai curries on the menu. We ordered our favourites from the tapas menu and the quality of ingredients and cooking was pretty much the same as before.

So my questions are;

Has anyone else eaten there since these changes and what was their experience ?

What’s the storey behind the changes ? Is it now a partnership between the previous and new operators, or has the previous owner sold on the business and recepies ? And if so has the previous owner set up somewhere else locally that would be worth knowing about ?

Peter, I don’t know this place, but it sounds intriguing. I will review it asap and find out what I can…

In the meanwhile, I bet someone else here has tried this place and can give you an opinion…

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