Tutankhamun Exhibition

Am I the only one who’s getting slightly cross with the papers at the moment? Have you seen all those headlines about curses and Pharaohs and Domes just because we’re not getting the boy-king’s golden mask at the forthcoming exhibition?

If the mask is too delicate to leave Egypt, as Dr Zahi Hawass says – or even if the Egyptians choose to keep the mask for frankly understandably touristic reasons, it’s NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DOME.

It didn’t go to Philadelphia and we ALWAYS KNEW it wouldn’t be coming here – so what’s the big deal with all the headlines this week? We’ve got everything else – now that we’re not getting the casino – and I personally can’t wait to see the treasures which I didn’t get to see the first time round because I was ‘too young’ and my parents thought I’d want the toilet just as they got to the front of the mile-long queue.

Which is why I thought I’d share a link I’ve just discovered on the 02 (God I hate typing that name) website where you can register your interest in up to 8 tickets for the exhibition. You don’t have to say what day you want to go – or even part with any cash up front, but you will get a unique registration number which will guarantee you get tickets. Given that it’s almost certainly going to sell out, in my book it’s worth signing up even if you don’t know if you’re going yet. I note they’re being somewhat coy about how much the tickets will actually cost…


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