The Mogul

Greenwich Church St

You know I’m beginning to get a little weary of reviewing restaurants in Greenwich. Not because I’m fed up with it or want to stop, but because I’m getting tired of having to describe everything that isn’t ‘awful’ as ‘okay.’

The Mogul is, in my humble opinion, yet another ho-hum experience. I’ve been several times now, always hoping that it might get better and I deliberately saved this review until I’d seen the new decor.

Sadly I didn’t get to see downstairs as we absolutely weren’t allowed to go there (the only real reason to eat at The Mogul – in a previous life this must have been a tavern or warehouse or something – do tell if you know – as downstairs is a vaulted cellar with little alcoves and interesting nooks and crannies.) The spruce-up involved painting everything pale yellow, from what I could see.

The service is as iffy as ever and the waiter treated us with barely-concealed irritation. Of course this could be due to the party going on downstairs, but frankly it’s usually like that when we go in.

It’s North Indian cuisine as opposed to your usual bog-standard curries, but it’s not my favourite. The meat dishes are okay (only okay,) but the vegetable side-dishes are very oily and if you’re vegetarian the only options are the biryani or two side-dishes and rice. My companion asked for recommendations but if you ask me the waiter just pointed out the most expensive options rather than anything he personally thought was good.

Sitting up at street level feels a bit goldfish-like, especially if you’re in the corner near the loos. Upstairs there’s a bar that wasn’t open, but a nosey through the glass didn’t make me want to go inside – a very soulless looking room.

I can’t talk for downstairs, as I wasn’t allowed down there (still smarting from that.) The loos have very strong hand dryers that might blow a size 0 person clean away.

The Mogul is one of those places that some people rave about. If they love it they REALLY love it. I am not one of those people. For me it is a very average experience.

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