Pablo asks:

From previous posts I have deduced the following:1) The Co-op has been refurbished and will continue totrade2) A new Tesco supermarket is soon to appear3) There is a Somerfield in the areaPlease excuse my ignorance (I am very new to the area)however I have the following questions:1) Where will the new Tesco be and what is thetimeline for this?2) Where is the Somerfield? Is this due for closure orwill it continue to do business?

The new Tesco will be along Trafalgar Road, a few metres closer into Greenwich than the Co-op. I have no idea how long this is going to take – but since they haven’t actually finished the foundations yet I wouldn’t hold my breath just yet.

Somerfield is in Greenwich High Road in that dodgy little set-back row of shops. It’s a dismal, scruffy experience.

A new M&S opens at Blackheath Standard today.

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