Singing and Playing

Elaine fancies getting musical and asks:

Singing – I can’t really do it very well and I’d like to take lessons. No Xfactor plans but just as a nice little hobby.

Piano -Does anyone know any good local teachers? I can go to them or theycan come to me (which is cheaper?) I haven’t played since I was a child andif I’m going to spend time dusting the thing I may as well learn to playagain!

Elaine – I’m not au fait with singing teachers round here – but a few suggestions would include checking at The Forum, Trinity (they may do extra-curricular stuff) and in one of the libraries for notices. Blackheath Concert Halls also have a music school, but it may just be for kiddies.

If you fancy a warble yourself, Monday nights at Mycenae House are music nights where they have a house trio and people of all abilities from beginner to professional get up and do a number or two. As the evening progresses, various instrumentalists join the band and it can get quite busy. It’s a very supportive atmosphere. You could go along one week and see whether its your sort of thing.

Piano lessons. I hear very good reports about Viktor Obsust, who teaches from scratch and is very happy to tutor adults. His email is, according to the friend of mine he teaches, but he’s not sure if he’s got that right. If it’s not that, come back and I’ll ask him again.

There are huge amounts of musicians in Greenwich – perhaps a combination of cheapish (for London) accommodation and Trinity Music College. There is a lot of music going on (no thanks to a certain restaurant chain) and you’re bound to find interesting people once you start looking. I am sure others will be able to point you to other good teachers or classes.

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