Save The Children Fund Shop

Trafalgar Road SE10

Is it just me or is the STCF shop on Trafalgar Road fab?

It was always quite a good shop – my best buy ever was a GIGANTIC, brand-new Le Crueset casserole – big enough to feed half of Greenwich – but just recently since its refit, it’s become BRILLIANT.

For starters, the people in there are great. They work long hours – often opening much later than other charity shops, and they really seem to make a big effort. True the stuff is not as cheap as some places but c’mon folks, this is for charity and I don’t care too much. It’s still ions cheaper than you’d pay for new stuff. They do different displays for seasonal occasions, just like ‘real’ shops and make a special effort at festival times.

There’s a constant supply of goods – possibly because you can park in the road next door for unloading – important if you’ve got boxes of items and it’s pretty good quality gear at that (I should know, half of it used to be mine…)

There is an excellent range of good clothes, usually colour-sorted rather than sized, but hey – half the fun is browsing. Just before Christmas I went in on a Friday morning desperately searching for something to make a pirate costume out of for a party the next evening, and as luck would have it, it turned out to be a one-stop-shop (albeit I spent the rest of the day and most of Saturday at the sewing machine.) I told the guys I was looking for stuff for a pirate party and they really got into the spirit of it, helping me to choose things.

The bric-a-brac is more of a lottery – but, depending on your tastes, there’s often a little something that might appeal. They have a good selection of curtains at the moment, but they also seem to be going fast. They sold two different sets while I was in there the other day.

I’m pretty sure there’s a book reviewer who lives nearby because there are often some really great ‘review copies’ of recent releases ,still with their press releases tucked inside, – again not rock-bottom cheap, but a good way of getting books and giving to charity at the same time. Most of them go back there anyway…

Support your local charity shop – you get good stuff at reasonable prices AND a charity gets helped. And don’t forget to bring your (good) unwanted stuff back to them.

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