1, The Market

I confess I had avoided this shop for sometime. I’m not really an ethnic-hat kinda Phantom and I was expecting the usual patchouli-reek and colouful knitted nonsense that makes you look like a road protester from the 80s. When it all first came out I rather liked it but now you can get it on every other stall in the market and at least two shops in every highs street, not to mention charity shops and chainstores, I struggle to find anything new; anything that hasn’t already been done to death for the past n years. I’ve even, heaven forbid, started to associate it with people’s mothers, though I grudgingly admit there are at least enough students with dreadlocks at the other end to keep it going.

So I waited until I was with people who actually like that kind of thing before setting foot inside, swearing that if there was any of that wafty Enja-type music playing I was going straight out again.

The music was Cuban, actually, which I rather like, so I ventured further in. And much to my own self-disgust, I really liked the stuff he had for sale. Big chunky knits – some a bit, erm, vibrant, but others with funky cuts and interesting details. Everything’s on sale at the moment because he’s expecting a new delivery of summer goods which makes it a very good time to go.

There were some decent things for both men and women – some great asymmetric tops and jersey dresses. I found myself playing with some delightful children’s mittens in the shape of animal puppets – the crocodile is particularly snappy, with zig-zag teeth. Grrr.

So. Once again I’ve learned to be a little more tolerant. This shop is well worth a peek even if you’re not into Enja. Or Cuban music.

I thought I’d better look up exactly what a Quetzal was before writing this. It’s a very cute, colourful tropical bird.

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