Manchesters Flowers

Woolwich Rd

Since it’s Mothering Sunday tomorrow I thought I’d go for an obvious one…

It must be a real bummer to have your business plan all worked out, your market nailed and your site decided upon, only to discover a few years later that someone’s moved the goalposts.

There is a whole row of little shops which were obviously intended to compliment the old Greenwich District Hospital. Two funeral parlours, a minicab firm and Manchesters grace Woolwich Road opposite a totally empty site, looking a bit forlorn these days. Presumably the other shops that were once there to service the hospital were unable to keep going once the place had gone – there are many dead shops in that part of Woolwich Road, but with a bit of luck Manchesters at least can keep going until we get whatever’s going up instead.

It’s a smashing little shop. Easily the best-looking in Woolwich Road (though let’s face it, there’s very little competition) its dark green livery and interesting window displays are a little oasis of pretty in a part of Greenwich which is generally a bit grim. Inside, they’re friendly and helpful. I would imagine that the bulk of their trade is Interflora-type work, but they always seem to be able to break off to make you up a bouquet, sell you a pot of daffs or arrange a floral surprise for your mum.

It’s a perfect example of a business that realises that even if most of their custom comes from telephone and internet orders, having an excellent shop front is an ideal way of drumming up interest on a local basis.

Undercover Experience – take note…

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