Henry Moore Statue update

Somebody (M32, I seem to remember) wanted to know what had happened to the Henry Moore Statue Knife-Edge in Greenwich Park.

I emailed the Friends of Greenwich Park – then stupidly failed to notice the reply in my in-box which arrived a few days ago.

They say

“Knife Edge has gone on loan to Kew Gardens for a year. It is then likely to be returned to the Henry Moore Foundation. It has been on loan since its installation in 1976 but the Foundation is concerned that it could bedamaged (there is already graffiti on the base).”

So there you have it. We can’t be trusted to look after stuff, so it’s taken away from us. It happened to the Gypsy Moth, we nearly lost the Cutty Sark, and now we’re losing Henry Moore. Tut.

BTW the Friends website is:


and I’m sure thye’re still taking members…

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