Ex-Working Men’s Club

Catherine asks:

“I just discovered your website when looking to find out what happened to the JET gas station on Woolwich Rd…. Which then made me think to ask you if you know anything about the ‘Under Offer Restaurant’ sign on the corner of Woolwich and Chilver St…. the old Working Men’s Club… any idea what restaurant we can expect to open up?”

Catherine – this is exactly the question I was asking the guy in Cafe Massala only a few days ago. After all – his shop’s opposite said dead club – he, if anyone, should know. Sadly he doesn’t. He says he’s never seen anyone going in or out of the place – and let’s face it, it’s been “under offer” for yonks. I’m wondering whether there’s actually anything at all going on there; whether it’s just another sign that’s been left up there to pique our curiousities. In my fantasies it’s an exciting, interesting indpendent restaurant. In more sober times I suspect it’s more likely to be a burger bar or another sodding fried chicken joint.

Anyone else got any news on this? If developers actually had their eyes on the ball, they’d realise that thre are new flats going up left, right and centre and all the people that will be moving in will also need to eat, so there would be a market for somewhere nice. Sadly I think they only have their eyes on building as many dwellings as possible rather than actually servicing them…

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