Council Salaries

Roger Helm asks:

“Who are the 9 Greenwich council staff, reported in the Standard this week, as earning 100,000+ a year. What do they do for us each day to justify this money.”

This is possibly more a question for another website, GreenwichWatch – – than me. Annoyingly I didn’t see the Standard article so I don’t know the context but I’d certainly be interested to know in which capacity these guys are employed. I suspect they may be contractors rather than salaried staff, but this is merely conjecture.

Does the Standard mention these council staff by name or even position? If not, how can we be sure that they’ve actually got it right and not, ahem, misunderstood the situation? I’m not setting myself up to defend the council, BTW, but I am in the embarrassing position of not knowing coucil staff pay levels.

Does anyone have any more info? Are there any council positions that we might actually consider to be worth 100k?

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