Lorna asks:

“I am looking for a reliable builder, plasterer and plumber in Greenwich as I’m planning on making some changes to my new house that I’ve just bought! If you, or any of your readers have any advice or contacts I’d be really grateful.”

I have been wondering for sometime whether I should name and shame the cowboys that made a total bog-up of the back of our place last summer, but have concluded that I can’t afford the libel action that would follow the words I would use to describe them.

I actually heard of some good builders down the road in Welling last night – I’ll give the people I heard it from a call and find out more details.

I can recommend really good plasterers though – Phil and Andy Cambridge, a father and son team. 020 8303 0861; 0774 712 7922. These guys are fantastic, work cleanly and quickly and are pleasant into the bargain. They’ve done work for lots of people I know and I have never heard a bad word against them.

I don’t know whether they’re also plumbers, but Blue Flame are a very good gas fitters – also pleasant and efficient. If they don’t do regular plumbing I bet they can recommend a good one for you.

In fact I have learned (sadly rather late) that if you need a recommendation for a craftsman, the best people to ask are other craftsmen whom you trust. It’s more than their reputations are worth to recommend someone duff – and since they’re not actual rivals, they’re usually more than happy to suggest someone. So if you already have, say, a tiler whose work you approve of, why not ask HIM if he works with or knows a good builder?

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