Boulangerie Jade

44, Tranquil Vale Blackheath

A splendid place to wile away a sunny Sunday morning after you’ve visited the farmers market at the Station, still reeling from the prices, Boulangerie Jade does good coffee and exquisite French fancy cakelets gooey buns and tarts. They do pastries, sandwiches and snacks to die for, but the best bits are those fab cakes, all made on the premises every day. With names like Chocolatier, Framboisier and White Chocolate and Rasberry Marquise, this is yet another waistline-buster – but what a way to go.

You can get seasonal stuff too – from chocolate logs at Christmas and hot cross buns at Easter to Cholla every Friday. And considering the effort, freshness and surroundings, (and the amount you’ve probably just shelled out at the market) it’s not horribly expensive either.

They do extra large whole cakes, flans and tarts – in sizes to fit any occasion, though it’s best to order something special a couple of days in advance. They also have a traiteur service.

Oh – that there were more places like this in Greenwich itself. I love Daisy Cakes Bake Shop but you can’t sit out in the sunshine and scoff your buns on the premises, and fab though the Royal Hill Lovelies are, the selection is nothing like this fantastic little patisserie.

If you plan on going more than once, don’t forget to pick up Boulangerie Jade’s little loyalty card where every 10th coffee’s free.

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