The Trafalgar Cafe

Trafalgar Rd

Thank you to everyone who told me to go to The Trafalgar Cafe. After bloomin’ yonks of walking past it, I finally went in with a couple of friends yesterday to find out what all the fuss was about.

I confess I do like it. I like its unpretentiousness, its simple menu and friendly service. I like the fact that the walls are quite plain – painted wood panelling below; cream paint above, decorated only with a few posters for up and coming events which I know now I will not make. The tables and cross-backed chairs are clean and tidy and the atmosphere fresh and unhurried.

The blackboard is quite terrifying at first glance until you realise that the options aren’t that overwhelming – just a few basic things with lots of different toppings, really.

My ‘control’ meal of jacket spud had sold out – the nice lady was honest enough to admit that if I really wanted one it would have to be microwaved, so I had a sandwich which was about three inches thick – whopping great hunks of crusty bread and a good thick Tuna Mayo filling. I was a bit disappointed that my coffee was merely of the instant variety – I should have checked first, I guess.

I’ll be going back to the Trafalgar Cafe. Thanks for the tip.

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