Pest Request


“I wasn’t sure where to post this . .but was wondering if any Greenwich residents had any advice for a local based pest control company? we have some unwelcome mice visitors and keen to get rid of them fast, the council offers a service but the next available date is the end of march! any help would be welcomed! Great blog, really useful…”


Thanks for the compliment!

Hmm. Pest control, eh.

When we moved into our house, we had to get some damp proofing done – we went to Rentokil because the mortgage company demanded it. They did an ok job as far as I can tell. My next door neighbour has been getting quotes and the Rentokil man was the only one honest enough to tell her that she might not need it. Rentokil deal with all kinds of nasty beasties – and boring and obvious though it may sound to suggest a big name, at least they won’t disappear by next week if you have any comeback…

I haven’t tried Kiltox, but you might want to get a quote from them – not least because if you have a Greenwich Card you can get a discount (make sure you tell them you have the card AFTER you get the quote!!!)

I’m relieved to say I haven’t had any real necessity to call out pest control people ( we have a cat – who can be a bit of a pest herself) but I’m sure someone here will have had the misfortune to have creepy crawlies at some point and may be able to help…


BTW At some point soon I will be adding an “Ask the Phantom” button – if I can help, I’ll do my best – if I can’t I daresay someone here will be able to point you in the right direction…

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