Olivers v. The Spread Eagle. Round One…

I read with great misery this morning that mavarick bar owner Olivier has started having trouble from his big bully of a neighbour already.

Since Greenwich Inc. obliterated Spread Eagle Antiques to extend the Spread Eagle restaurant, part of the eaterie now sits directly over Olivers.

Olivers is one of the few remaining bars in Greenwich which still encourages live music – since Greenwich Inc started its mighty invasion music in any of their venues has virtually ground to a standstill. It would seem that they are intent on stopping music everywhere else too.

After a complaint about the noise from Olivers filtering through to the restauarant (which after all chose to extend – Greenwich Inc. KNEW that Olivers was there – as the incomers THEY could have put sound insulation in – but no…) Olivier has been told to install sound proofing.

This reminds me of a similar incident with the Bulls Head in Barnes – a long-running and famous jazz club which was nearly bankrupted when a new-build flat owner complained about the noise, forced the Bulls Head to install soundproofing (which it did only through the generosity of musicians who clubbed together and did benefits to raise the cash) – and then promptly moved house.

Am I being really cynical to put two and two together here? A small place like Olivers is going to struggle financially to install soundproofing – I wonder whether Greenwich Inc. will kindly offer to take the matter off his hands and buy him out, losing yet another quirky one-off in the town centre?

If anyone hears of any fundraising efforts to help Olivier, do let me know. This is one battle I truly hope he wins.

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