Mary Mills

Local Councillor

This woman deserves a medal. Whatever political persuasion you are, whatever you think of the rest of Greenwich Council, Mary Mills is gold.

Why? Because she actually gives a damn. She lives locally, and the things she has to decide on directly affect her.

I have lost count of the anecdotal accounts of people for whom she has gone that extra mile on a personal basis – from major issues to tiny details – if you email her, she’s onto your case immediately (and I mean immediately – someone I know told me she once replied within five minutes,)and even if she doesn’t entirely agree with your cause she will make an effort to understand and help, burning shoe leather where necessary.

She’s active in the Greenwich Industrial History Society and, I believe, the East Greenwich History group and has written countless articles and books herself, including a history of the Woolwich Ferry, making her an extremely knowledgeable historian and tireless activist in cultural matters to boot.

It’s a shame that she’s part of the Labour Party, really. Presumably she occasionally has to toe the party line from time to time where she wouldn’t normally choose to (I can’t tell, naturally) but that’s not the real reason.

No. Frankly I suspect her membership may affect her status in the next election which is a great shame. This really isn’t a party political issue. Mary Mills is a fine local councillor who cares what happens in her community – something which it could be argued possibly throws some of her colleagues into unfavourable relief. All power to her elbow.

One Comment to “Mary Mills”

  1. Mari says:

    Can you guys give us her email? I'd like to read about what she does before May 6th. Thanks!