Marcet Books

4a Nelson Road

Tucked away down one of the teeny-tiny little alleys leading into Greenwich Covered Market, Marcet books is a coiled spring of a shop – minute in size, but so stuffed from floor to ceiling with second hand and antique books that it looks like it’s just about to explode. My kind of shop.

It’s down the little slipthrough that also has the flank of Warwick Leadlay’s gallery. The rest of the alley is pretty unremarkable so it’s easy to spot Marcet Books – a single doorway with a little shelf outside for bargain books.

It has a comprehensive website, which looks as though it lists every book in the shop (glad I didn’t get that job) and will ship worldwide.

Prices are reasonable and it has an interesting small section with local history and guidebooks. Well worth a browse – though you can find yourself a bit buffeted – both by other people and stacks of books – on market days. If you buy something the guy (Martin Kemp? – that’s the name on the website) will give you a second hand carrier bag for your purchase but will actually smile (something I suspect is a rare event) if you have your own bag.

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