Greenwich Power Station Part Two

Can’t you just see a little cafe here?

Ok – I’ve been doing some digging -yes – it is definitely still going.

It was built between 1902 and 1910 for the tramways of London and it’s still used as a back up electricity source for the London Underground.

Even in those days there were the classic local objectors – the chimneys had to be reduced in height from 250ft to 182 feet after the Royal Observatory’s astronomers complained they couldn’t see beyond them.

It was originally coal-fired – which is why there’s a little pier onto the Thames but since it’s now gas and oil-powered, there isn’t the coal to be brought in and ask to be taken out any more so the pier is unused (aw c’mon – don’t you think it would make a great observation platform? Maybe a nice cafe???)

Interesting local trivia: C Day Lewis (who lived up Crooms Hill – look out for the blue plaque opposite the theatre – I recently met an old lady who knew him and was most piqued when he gazumped her) set a murder mystery under the coaling pier. He was writing as ‘Nicholas Blake’ at the time. Isn’t it amazing what you find on the internet…

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